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LaCrau Near Real Time Data Grapher

Please check the parameters for the tower to be displayed, and set the time period. Click display to see the graph of the data.

WARNING: The data are raw data and have not been quality checked. The data is provided for informational purposes only and should not be used for scientific studies. If you would like access to the science quality data please contact the author.

WARNING: The more days you select to display the longer it will take to load. Once you click on "Submit", DO NOT click the reload button. This will only slow your request down.

Select all towers you would like to view the data for?
(Data available starting December 13, 2022)
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Earliest available data 13 Dec 2022
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Note: A maximum of 2 months can be plotted
Plot Settings

:    (Default Metric units)
(Metric units: m, C, mb; Imperial units: mi, F, HgIn)

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Time range:     (0 = 12:00am, 24hr clock) x-axis

Plot Parameters

Radiometer 1 Plot (azimuthal direction 180 degrees)


Angles are measured in degrees from nadir
Angle 1 = 20, Angle 2 = 25, Angle 3 = 30, Angle 4 = 45, Angle 5 = 125

Power Plot



If you use these data in a publication please contact the author about providing the appropriate credit.

Copyright 2002 California Institute of Technology
U.S. Government Sponsorship Acknowledged under NAS7-1407

Questions? Comments? Please contact Simon Hook.